• Welcome to Futurescape

    We believe each of us has the power to change the world, we believe design should be easy and for everyone. We are proud resellers of SpaceClaim’s new 3D direct modelling technology.

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  • Introducing SpaceClaim

    We believe that creating, repairing and editing geometry should be easy. Finally there’s an easy to use tool designed for everyone outside of the traditional CAD group.

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  • Bring your Models to Life

    We believe in beautiful things. Apply real materials to your model and render them with our Keyshot add-in… Impress your customers with photo-realistic pictures and videos.

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    • Fully Interoperable

      With SpaceClaim you can easily open, automatically repair, and EDIT models made with any CAD system.

    • Easy to Use

      SpaceClaim was designed for non-CAD users. Finally a 3D tool for regular people.

    • Exceptional Support

      We LOVE what we do... Our commitment is to work closely with you so you get the most out of your SpaceClaim experience.

  • #1 Reseller of SpaceClaim in North America

    At Futurescape we're focused on SpaceClaim. We've been representing SpaceClaim in Canada since 2011 and we have a lot of fun doing it... Our customers consider us the SpaceClaim experts.
  • Testimonials

    • “SpaceClaim is extremely easy to learn. Even our interns, without training, can be productive in just two weeks. You just can’t beat that.” – Michael Lieblich, FAA Designated Engineering Representative

    • “The tool figures out what I want to do before I tell it… SpaceClaim almost reads my mind. I’ve saved at least 50 percent of my time on the geometry part of my job with SpaceClaim” – Bill Wangard, Ph.D., Founder

    • “Hands down, it’s been one of the best programs I’ve used. As far as ease and time savings SpaceClaim is the best, it’s cut my time in half.” – Rudy Colaizzi, Manufacturing Engineer

      SeaWay Plastics
    • “Now with SpaceClaim I have no limitations for design, our communications with customers are improved, and we’ve saved 60% to 70% of our time, enabling us to take on more business.” – Ed Swets, General Manager

      Batelaan Plastics
    • “SpaceClaim is easy and flexible. The software does everything we need it to do. It’s so cost effective it’s almost too good to be true.” – Kevin Woody, Co-Owner

      Auto Metal Craft
    • “We used to win bids approximately 50% of the time. With SpaceClaim… It’s changed our win rate to 80%” – Domenic Trapassi, Senior Systems Architect

      SIE Computing Solutions
    • “Working with SpaceClaim is the difference of night and day compared to other 2D and 3D products we’ve used.” – Robert Tindgaard Knudsen, CEO

  • Latest News

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