Dynamics for SpaceClaim


April 2, 2014

Bring your CAD models to Life

Algoryx Simulation provides market leading industry grade physics simulation technologies to the global simulator market. Algoryx’ physics engine AgX Dynamic enables human-in-the-loop real-time simulation of vehicles, ships, cranes, and many other mechanical systems.

Dynamics for SpaceClaim is a fully integrated add-in that extends the functionality of SpaceClaim with motion dynamics for multibody systems with joints and frictional contacts. For the first time, such technology has now been integrated with 3D geometry, providing engineers and designers with a tool where they can easily modify models and evaluate their designs in seconds using simulations with incomparable speed.

Dynamics for SpaceClaim enables engineers to test and edit a model right in SpaceClaim Engineer, decreasing the time and money needed to prepare models for simulation and ultimately production.