Inspire Studio

Altair Inspire studio helps innovative designers, architects, and digital artists to create, evaluate and visualize designs faster than ever before. Throughout the creative process,with its flexibility, precision, unique construction feature and multiple modeling techniques it gives a good design experience for the users.

Inspire Studio introduces a sleek, efficient user experience. Each tool and workflow are now optimized for an efficient design experience from initial sketches to exploring styling with polygonal, freeform, and PolyNURBS parametric modeling.

Stunning product presentations in real-time can be produced with the in-built high-quality, physically-based global illumination renderer using biased photorealistic, unbiased and GPU modes.

It will run on both Mac OS X and Windows as a standalone product or under Altair’s flexible token-based licensing model, Inspire Studio frees designers’ creativity from the constraints of traditional CAID tools, while assuring export of robust digital models for product development.

Applications of  Inspire Studio

Possible Changes with less effort

Creativity of the designers can be enhanced by letting the designers drive their design. It can quickly create, explore multiple iterations, and make changes without any rework via an intuitive user interface and its powerful construction history tools.

Flexibility Enhancement

Within the same environment modelling techniques can be mixed and matched. Effortlessly create and explore even the most challenging designs by combining fast, free-form polygonal modelling with the control and precision of surface and solid modelling.

Reality Recalibration

Inspire Studio offers an intuitive setup, environments and materials. It creates good images and complex animations, in real time with physically accurate lighting.

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