3D CAD is hard, but SpaceClaim is the easiest –

SpaceClaim was designed around an intuitive interface which anticipates users’ actions and gestures, no need to hunt for the right command in a sea of endless drop down menus. We know you already understand concepts such as; box select, copy and paste, undo and redo so we incorporated them into the SpaceClaim experience.

Need help? No problem… when you hover over a button a help menu appears, need additional assistance press F1 and instantly be brought to an extensive and searchable build-in help section.

With four simple modeling commands; Pull, Move, Fill and Combine, finally Engineers, Designers and Casual users now have the freedom and flexibility to capture ideas easily, directly edit solid models regardless of their origin, and simplify designs in 3D for analysis, prototyping and manufacturing.

Because it is easy to learn and use, it removes any extensive training most packages would require, spend your valuable time doing your job.