SpaceClaim is like digital Play-Doh –

The same tools work to edit assemblies, parts, drawing views, and 3D markup enables you to create and make changes wherever you see the need. Work in 2D or 3D, or work in cross section mode… we give you the freedom to design the way you want, without CAD getting in the way.

Turn a part into an assembly or vice versa. Create assembly structure before you’ve drawn a shape, or draw a dozen parts and create the structure later. Never worry about inter-component relations preventing changes. Export sub-assemblies into external files for reuse with other designs, or incorporate an existing design for unique customization without impacting other designs.

SpaceClaim is parameters without constraints… We give you the ability to design with rigid dimensions like you’re stacking ‘Lego’ or free form like you’re using ‘Play-doh’… the choice is yours. Know exactly what you’re looking for, use ‘Excel’ tables to quickly adjust dimensions and see the model update automatically.