SpaceClaim compliments your existing software –

SpaceClaim’s focus has always been on being the best at solving geometry problems… to that end we’ve partnered with industry leaders to capitalize on their specialities.

SpaceClaim has formed strategic solution partnerships with the following companies to enhance the company’s 3D Direct Modeling software. These solution partners have bundled SpaceClaim Engineer with their software in order to offer a specific solution to the market.

OEM Partners:

ANSYS, CatalCAD, C&R Technologies, FLOW, Gamma Technologies, GeoMagic, Ignite Technology for Jewellers, ITP,

Solution Partners:

MasterCAM, GibbsCAM, Esprit, AR-CAD, COMSOL, DBClaim, Enmesh, ESTECO, First Trace, Keyshot, Keytech, MecSoft, Noesis, Novacast, SigmaNest, Simerics, Simpoe, SofTech, YaPdm, xPlm

Integrated Parts Libraries:

TraceParts Web, CADENAS 3D Models