Ansys SpaceClaim is a unique user interface tool, all set to help you create and modify imported geometry, without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. With SpaceClaim, you can deform and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools. Ansys SpaceClaim helps you get 3D answers fast compared to any other heavy CAD tool which makes it ideal for engineers.

Applications of  SpaceClaim

By using SpaceClaim you can cut down the time of work flow from weeks or days to hours or minutes. Outsourcing of CAD modifications to another department will no longer be required. Ansys SpaceClaim was built to empower every engineer and analyst to quickly modify and optimize CAD files.
SpaceClaim also permits you to parameterize any model you choose. This means rapid changing of dimensions as your design is possible. Automation of repetitive tasks is yet another highlight of SpaceClaim.
It also supports scripting functionality for the creation of geometry not supported in the native UI, plus the SpaceClaim has bidirectional linkage to Ansys Workbench so you can take advantage of design iteration studies and the seamless integration of geometry with other Ansys products.
3D for everyone is our vision and it can be achieved by providing a simple, fast, flexible design tool. A 3D tool should be something that can be learned quickly as well as have fun while doing so. SpaceClaim is a fully functioning CAD tool that is powerful enough for rapid concept modeling, yet easy to use for creating detailed parts, assemblies and drawings.
It helps you visualize, communicate and evaluate designs in 3D so you can achieve new levels of innovation through product design and development. With an expanded use of 3D in this early modeling phase, as well as throughout the entire product design and development, you can increase your innovative ideas and also increasing productivity.
SpaceClaim is unmatched in terms of power, ease of use and flexibility. Any STL file can be rapidly converted to a solid CAD format in SpaceClaim. This tool offers a powerful method for auto surfacing to surface or solid geometry from prismatic or organic shapes.
You can now push the boundaries of what was previously feasible and rapidly reconstruct surface data around scans of complex shapes like living organisms. The Skin Surface tool can also be used to reconstruct fixtures or jigs around faceted data, or to modify geometry of things like worn-out parts.

SpaceClaim allows you to create, edit, and prepare models for 3D printing faster and efficiently. With the STL Prep module, you can work directly with STL files, as well as leverage automated prep tools for 3D printing and its applications.
SpaceClaim’s tools will rapidly and automatically repair all STL bodies so they are print-ready. Its STL Prep module can combine the best of solid modeling techniques and the flexibility of its STL editing tools. You can choose which tools will get you to the optimized result you desire.

Algoryx Momentum allows the motion of large real-world geometry to be rapidly simulated and interrogated, within SpaceClaim’s fast conceptual design environment.
You will be amazed at the ease and speed with which assemblies can be set-up and simulated based on full resolution 3D CAD models. Any engineer can take an existing CAD assembly or rapidly create new geometry and have full motion dynamics running within minutes.
The output 3D data s which are corrupted and can’t be repaired by any CAD tools, but SpaceClaim’s automated repair tools are designed to target problem areas of any model and provide instant options for healing and repair. Whether a model is full of holes, gaps or corrupt surfaces, these tools quickly recreate models to their intended state.
Creating tool paths on 3D geometry or constructing assembly fixtures for complex models, SpaceClaim is the best solution to help you increase productivity and complete your CAD/CAM projects very easily. Traditional CAD software was developed for design engineers to create detailed models and associated documentation.
When you have to make parts, however, it’s complicated but space claim makes it simpler and perfect. SpaceClaim is designed to let you create, edit or repair any 3D CAD data.This tool let you rapidly extract geometry necessary for fixturing or tooling of any object.

SpaceClaim gives the flexibility to work with any CAD data to create, edit and prepare models for high-precision sheet metal fabrication. The simplicity of this tool makes it easier to use and does a better job editing geometry, cleaning up corrupt or difficult CAD data, and delivering high-quality sheet metal functionality.
SpaceClaim is the only solution on the market today that helps sheet metal manufacturer’s complete jobs quickly while minimizing downtime on the shop floor.

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