• 3D Direct Modeling

    Top 10 Reasons to use SpaceClaim?


    Imagine the Possibilities with SpaceClaim?



    ... What exactly is this 3D Direct Modeling everyone is talking about anyway?



  • 3D Printing

    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim Accelerates Additive Manufacturing


    STL Prep for 3D Printing

  • Analysis

    Top 5 Reasons SpaceClaim is a must for Structural Simulation


    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim can boost CFD Simulation Productivity


    Extracting Volumes for CFD, MFG or Design


    Beams and Shells


    Quick Tips for Volume Extraction Analysis


  • Automotive

    Top 5 Reasons to use SpaceClaim in Automotive


  • Collaboration

    Collaboration with SpaceClaim 2014


    LiveReview Demo


  • Concept Modeling

    Concept Modeling… Make something new as fast as you can think it


    Concept Modeling and CFD


    SpaceClaim with Keyshot, a powerful combination


  • Design

    Large Assembly Changes in a Short Time


    Excel Driven Dimensions


    Dynamics for SpaceClaim


    Clip with Volume


    2014 Design and other Enhancements


    Assembly Design


  • File Repair

    Advanced Surface Repair


    Working with Dirty Geometry


    Repairing Complex Files


    Quickly Connect Edges to Thicken Surfaces Evenly


  • Injection Moulding

    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim Helps Moldflow Users


    SpaceClaim for Injection Moulding Tools


  • Machining

    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim SpaceClaim Helps Machinists


    Model Repair in 3 Minutes


    Model prep for Machining


    Making a Hole Table from a STEP file


  • Reverse Engineering

    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim helps Reverse Engineering


    Reverse Engineering with SpaceClaim


  • Sheet Metal

    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim Turbo Charges Sheet Metal Design


    Top 5 Ways SpaceClaim Excels for Sheet Metal Manufacturing


    What’s new for Sheet Metal in SpaceClaim 2014


    Various Sheet Metal Operations


  • What’s New for 2015

    SpaceClaim 2015 – General Overview


    SpaceClaim 2015 – What’s new for Manufacturing


    SpaceClaim 2015 – What’s new for 3D Printing


    SpaceClaim 2015 – What’s new for CAE