Inspire Cast

Altair InspireCast is the first casting simulation software to truly enable everyone from novice users to experts in creating high quality components. Gone are the days of guess and check casting. InspireCast has 5 steps to simulate High and Low Pressure Die Casting, Gravity Die Casting, Gravity Sand Casting, Investment Casting, and Tilt Pouring.

Altair Inspire Cast

Avoid costly and time consuming defects such as shrinkage, porosity, cold shuts, air entrapment, and mold degradation. InspireCast has a seamless design integration allowing you to auto-generate risers and visualize solidification to optimize ingate location.

Minimal training is required because of the focus on ease of use and managing all complexities in the background.

Applications of  Altair Inspire cast

Casting Designs

Altair Inspire Cast uniquely valuable during the entire product development cycle from early design to manufacturing.

Minimise the complexity of the process

It is typical in the industry to first design a process and then simulates it. Altair Inspire Cast turns that concept overs its head by helping users evolve the process in tandem with their ideas.

Quality and Profit Improvement

State of the art, bi-phasic Finite Element formulation allows for capturing the filling and solidification process with great precision and this helps in building great quality castings with high margins.