Ansys Discovery is the first simulation-driven 3D design tool. It is a combination of proven Ansys high-fidelity simulation, interactive geometry modeling and instant physics simulation in a single user experience. Using this tool you can make necessary changes early in your product design processes which results in substantial gains in engineering productivity, spur innovation and increase your product’s overall performance.

Ansys Discovery live

Ansys Discovery can bring you:

• Reduction of cost

• Maximize the design alternatives

• Saves your time

Applications of  Ansys Discovery

Consider for a complicated geometry if you are performing a structural analysis, by using this tool near-instant simulation results appears once the loads are established. And since Discovery is interactive, you can test several design ideas in a few seconds and receive immediate insight around the structural performance of a design. Ansys’s solver technology is used to provide additional detail and calculate a high-fidelity result.

It is challenging to find meaningful internal flow characteristics in a reasonable amount of time. Discovery provides valuable feedback so that you can understand trends, but also solve and visualize capabilities. You can use the fluent solver within the Discovery environment without changing your model—or your workflow when you in need for detail and higher accuracy

For generative designs, Ansys Discovery is the first-ever, interactive topology optimization tool. It easily evaluates a broad spectrum of product behaviours and uncovers optimal design solutions in record time. Topology optimization can be applied to multiple load cases and physics, including modal and structural simulations.

Ansys Discovery provides real-time data on temperature distribution as you can make 3D model changes or change input characteristics like heat flow and material type. Most importantly,Discovery lets you test your ideas in real-time to achieve your design goals in very less time.

In Ansys Discovery you can create and edit geometry as it is critical to the design exploration process. Edit the shape of your model while viewing results and watch the simulation and also you can update it immediately. When there are changes you can leverage native CAD models from a wide range of sources and update simulations with new versions.

Ansys Discovery can be applied to complex modal analysis. You can quickly observe the different modes of vibration and get a quick understanding of problem frequencies. With the help of direct geometry editing powered by Discovery SpaceClaim, you can make adjustments to your model and instantly see the impact. Discovery’s simulation-guided design will accelerate your product development, help avoid delays, and ensures to bring out the best design possible.

Also known as parameter sweeps, these design point studies create a Pareto frontier of data in Discovery that lets you explore a large number of design possibilities by varying multiple geometric or simulation parameters in an automated way. Setting up a study is simple. You can choose several geometry or physics input parameters to evaluate simultaneously. Because the geometry creation and resulting simulation are automated, this capability rapidly lets you try new ideas, obtain results and better understand trends and trade-offs between design goals.