Streamline Your 3D Printing Process with Ansys SpaceClaim

In today’s competitive and demanding atmosphere, using the wrong additive manufacturing tools negatively impacts our work and we are left dealing with the consequences.  Without the right software, revenue declines when jobs are lost due to time constraints.

winning more business. 

Unfortunately, many common problems stand in the way, and we’ve found most of them are a result of front-end geometry complications.

Challenges in 3D Printing:

  • Rarely is a model ready to print after design – time is wasted struggling with geometry problems instead of generating successful 3D printable parts.
  • Models require constant rework in cumbersome tools — overlooked geometry errors result in print failure & material waste; jobs are lost and revenue takes a hit.
  • 3D Printing professionals are held back – hundreds of hours lost annually struggling with CAD tools in an effort to optimize designs prior to printing. 

Great news – there is a solution.

Ansys SpaceClaim – one toolset that efficiently prepares and repairs models for 3DP

  • Create / analyze / edit / repair solids and STL files before 3D printing
  • Import any CAD file natively and convert to STL
  • Shell, scale and split models to minimize material waste for better printing – eliminate print failure
  • Execute modifications without stressing about mistakes
  • Incorporate lattice structures to strengthen models and leverage different infill types

Today, thousands of users are experiencing significant time savings and decreased production costs by ensuring print runs are successful the first time with this powerful solution. 

Directly editing STL files is key in giving users flexibility and more control over their 3D printing workflows.  Turn designs around quickly to print prototypes by leveraging the many automated print prep features that Ansys SpaceClaim delivers.

Check out the video and don’t forget to request a free trial/quote so you can start using it today!