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Futurescape focuses on technologies that help people design better, smarter, and faster. More importantly, we’re a company who cares about the future. We’re always looking over the horizon to the next innovation that will change our lives - for the better.
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Dr. Ted Lougheed


Applications Engineer

Ted holds a doctorate in Cognitive Science from Carleton University, and has broad experience in a number of different areas, including training, software development, and design. He has also been known to dabble in game design in his spare time. His ultimate goal is to narrow the gap between the brain and the world, helping people get their ideas into the world faster and more effectively. 




"We started Futurescape because we were sick of the corporate life. We were fed up with the traditional way of running a business and decided to think differently. We tirelessly explore new technologies and share innovative solutions with our customers because we consider our customers our friends.
When you combine sales and engineering magical things start to happen. One day we’re building a 3D printer, the next we’re mining Bitcoins, perhaps the day after we’ll fire up the laser scanner or have some fun selling SpaceClaim. We work in a 3D playground. Run with us… We are free." 

Solidthinking and Spaceclaim are on the cutting edge of the software game. We’re proud that we can play a role in getting their products into peoples hands

Cody McMullen


Software Account Manager

A recent grad of Algonquin College Cody is the young gun of the team. Cody has experience in accounting, banking, and customer service.